In order to satisfy the growing needs of our clients in terms of expert technical knowledge, quick service availability for problems needing immediate attention, for repairs and upkeep of high – tech EOT Cranes we provide crane repair services that includes preventive maintenance and upkeep solutions for the complete assembly. This ensures that Unexpected Breakdowns do not happen.

You can rely on us for timely and accurate service of your valuable investment...your EOT Cranes….

Reliability and Maintenance are a part of our everyday lives.

Keeping this in mind, we take on the responsibility of maintaining the client’s material handling equipment and machinery by way of a Preventive maintenance contract which is aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures of equipment before it actually occurs.

We provide our technical expertise and ready manpower for erection, revamping, overhauling and dismantling services for your entire range of heavy engineering material handling and shifting equipment.

We manufacture and service all types of EOT & HOT cranes like: single girder EOT crane, double girder EOT crane, gantry crane, mobile gantry crane, mono rail crane, goliath crane, jib crane and good lifts. So you can rely on us for Turn Key Projects of various dimensions.

You can bank on us for your strategic modification designing and shut down operations since we always maintain an inventory of spare parts and reserved man power for immediate action.

You can also call us anytime for our “24/7 Break down service”
You can be assured of break free functionality of your EOT cranes by opting for our crane repair services and Upkeep solutions












Spare Parts